Excel Matrix Biological Devices Pvt Ltd.


Vijayapuri, Telangana


Immediate treatment of 2nd and 3rd degree acute and chronic wounds leads to the loss of many lives / disfigurement / disability – especially in places away from city centers where primary health care Centre (PHCs) are not equipped. Products like BandAID and Burnol are designed for minor, small area wounds only. There is a need for a cheap, easy-to-administer solution that can be used to provide immediate attention to major trauma like 2nd/ 3rd degree acute and chronic wound needs – especially in rural and tribal areas.


ECM Analog® is a biomaterial innovation for medical devices in health care sector. Currently, prototypes are developed for advance wound care for acute and chronic wounds for emergencies like road accidents, burns, battlefield injuries, as well as chronic ulcers for aging and diabetic patients. Device delivering the ECM Analog® biomaterial is convenient for patients to use themselves and economical to meet any socio- economic challenges of our country.

Scalability and Impact:

ECM Analog® is based on the first patent in India for tissue engineering scaffolds in India. We have developed artificial cartilage, skin and bone prototypes as example of versatility of our technology platform. Since products are designed for B2B and eventually B2C markets, we foresee our project impact in every household, office space and factory floor as a primary device against all types of wounds, traumatic or chronic in nature. They have developed at least six prototypes and three of these are fully functional. An innovative technology also requires validation of equally innovative business model to penetrate diverse market including the BOP. Pilot scale manufacturing and trial marketing will produce real data on clinical relevance of the product for B2B and B2C markets. Profitability of the product and scalability of FMCG manufacturing and distribution model will be evaluated from the data of pilot undertaking.

Financial Requirements:

Financial Requirement

Awards and Recognition:

DST Young Scientist, 1996 TePP Phase I, 2006 SBIRI/ DBT, 2007 DST Lockheed Martin Innovation Gold Medal, 2009 Indo-UK Expansion Award, 2011 BIPP/BIRAC Funding, 2014 “Leaders in Innovation Fellowship”, Royal Academy of Engineering, UK, 2015 SBIRI/ BIRAC funding, 2016
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