Ms. Dhanashree Chauhan


I Love Composting




Solid Waste Management is a huge problem in metropolitan cities. Garbage gets accumulated at landfills and is later burnt, leading to air pollution. Children of waste pickers are also helping out their parents and in the process staying out of school. The process is also unhygienic and unhealthy for such waste-pickers.


A home composting unit called „The Bug Factory‟ has been developed by us. It is a decentralized method for Home Composting, easy to manage by Children as well as senior citizens. Easy to Operate & Clean. Affordable & does not require electricity or too much space. Also promotes self-sufficiency. It has been designed keeping in mind the urban scenarios, the Space crunch and busy lifestyle.

Scalability and Impact:

Till date we have sold more than 310 units across India. An Export ready composting unit has been designed. Within a Period of 5 Years we plan to introduce this „Made in India‟ home composting unit to various other countries and are looking to receive support in this endeavour. We promote our product by providing training workshops to institutions, corporates, families of housing societies and most importantly children in various schools in association with the Times Group. We are running Awareness drives for Joggers, Senior citizen clubs, Yoga Centers, Corporate, Ganpati Mandals, thus we are bringing together the different strata of the society to engage into Home Composting.

Financial Requirements:

Financial Requirement

Awards and Recognition:

THE TIMES OF INDIA GROUP-„The work done by ILOVECOMPOSTING will surely create a generation that will make SWACCHH BHARAT a reality‟. SHARP INDIA LTD-‘Thanks to ILOVECOMPOSTING, today our employees are well aware about Kitchen waste & canteen waste composting‟. TECH MAHINDRA – we appreciate your valuable time & effort. Thank you for helping us create awareness on Composting & providing a user friendly product to practice Home Composting. INNER WHEEL CLUB OF PUNE DAFFODILS-‘Students were enlightened about concepts like segregation, recycling, waste reduction & composting.
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