Mr. Adinath Ombale


Shramik Jananta Vikas Sanstha


Satara (Maharashtra


The tribal community, especially Katkari Tribe in the Satara district is landless and depends mostly on the fishery occupation. They do very few other occupations for their livelihood needs. The Dams where they used to do fishery, were captured by the Thekedars (Local Leaders). These Thekedars don’t allow the people of the tribe to do the fishery in the Dams. Shramik identified this, and fought for their rights with the government, and took legal permission to do fishery. But that was not enough for their livelihood. Shramik also identified the other opportunity of the business and the creation of income for livelihood necessities. The opportunity was taking out the honey from the honeycomb with a scientific method without burning the honeycomb.


In the Jawali block of Satara district, 50 youths from the Katkari Tribe community were trained in the harvesting of honey without violence from the naturally available honeycombs. The Product developed was called “Wild Honey” from the Venna Valley region, collected naturally without any violence. To overcome the current marketing challenge, we plan to keep the packed honey at the stores and market the product verbally and in the network.

Scalability and Impact:

Currently, we have reached the local market. We are looking to scale the sale with the help of weekly markets in Pune and Mumbai. We also wish to partner with more stores in cities Pune and Mumbai to increase the sale.

Financial Requirements:


Awards and Recognition:

Shramik has received the award from National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development, Government of India for Best performance in promotion of Self Help Group.

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