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Worldwide around 200 Million people suffer from fractures. The population of India is 135.51 Cr. (Worldometers), where every single minute 1 person gets injured in a road accident (MORTH) According to the recent study of the WHO, India has the highest number of road accidents in the world with 14 deaths per hour. Dislocation, fractures, sprains are the most common injuries linked with road accidents. Apart from road accidents, Mishaps can happen at Construction sites, industries, sports academies, educational institutes etc. Kids and aged are more prone to injuries, and hence injury growth is witnessed in this age group. In order to prevent major complications, the most crucial thing is to treat all joint, bone and muscles injuries in the first 4-6 hours of pre-hospital care, while the patient waits for medical attendance. The fracture if left unattended can cause injury to accompanying blood vessels and nerves that traverse the limb, also bleeding results in swelling at the fractured site due to an accumulation of blood which can further lead to spasms and pain, the potential complication due to continued bleeding. If the fracture site is not splinted more soft tissues could be damaged which could significantly prolong healing. The problem we are here solving will benefit 200 million people annually worldwide. The patients are distributed in various sectors of the society. The market segment for MediAsha Splint is quite wide. The potential market is First aid Kit, Healthcare Centres, Paramedics, Educational Institutes, Sports Institutes, Transport, Armed Force, Industries, Construction sites, Disaster Management. The early adopters for MediAsha Splint are local Paramedics, healthcare centres and educational institutes. Later on, reaching the global market through export in various countries.


MediAsha Splint is a first aid device which provides early and instant immobilization to the fractured limb until patient is taken to the hospital. MediAsha Splint prevents major complications by immobilizing the fractured limb in the golden hour of pre-hospital care, while the patient waits for medical attendance. It restricts the movement of the affected limb and provides rest to the injured area. It protects the underlying blood vessels and nerves from the fracture fragments. The Splint is essentially a half cast (circumferentially) thus compensates for swelling and accommodates soft tissue swelling. It controls the muscle pain and prevents any further complications associated with the fracture. MediAsha Splint is an integrated pack of composite materials. The 3 step application process DIP-SQUEEZE-WRAP makes it user-friendly. DIP the splint in water and wait till bubbles cease, SQUEEZE the splint from short edges to remove excess water and stretch to remove wrinkles, WRAP the splint around the fractured limb with the help of straps provided. In less than 3 minutes the splint gets harden and supports the limb. The functional strength is achieved in 5 minutes. The outer layer which is in contact with skin is biocompatible and provides cushioning to the patient. The straps provided ensures encapsulation of fractured limb and later can be removed without the requirement of any external aid. The Splint is essentially a half cast (circumferentially) thus compensates for swelling. The Splint conform to the shape and contours of the injured limb. MediAsha Splint is lightweight and portable.

Scalability and Impact:

• To arise as a well-known brand in healthcare by creating a substantial portfolio through our innovation. To reach unexplored remote area of India and serve the needy people through our innovation. • Sales of Rs. 891 Lakhs in next three years by covering 0.1% of automobile manufacturers market, 10% of ambulance market, 0.1% of schools in India, 5% of Physicians. Assumption as 10% price erosion of product. • Design and development of customized splint for various fractures and shapes which provides instant immobilization to the fractured limb. • Intellectual Property generation which includes, Design for various splints for different fracture types and age group, Trademark for Product Names.

Financial Requirements:

1. Financial 2. Scaling up

Awards and Recognition:

  1. Received Biotechnology Ignition Grant of Rs. 50 Lakh from BIRAC, DBT in 2018
  2. Biotechnology Ignition Grant (11th Call) of Rs. 49.50 Lakhs from BIRAC, DBT
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